About Eternal Graffiti

Have you ever been to a dinner party where the food and drink were good, but the highlight of the night was the conversation? Ever found yourself talking with people you didn’t know that well about issues you’re deeply invested in? Ever been out having drinks with a large group but you can’t seem to pull yourself away from a conversation you feel as though was waiting on you to discover? Ever stopped in the middle of unearthing a moment of dialogue and asked yourself why couldn’t all your conversations be like this?
We at Eternal Graffiti are immersed in the conversation about spoken word poetry and the modern performance literary scene. We are constantly asking questions about what it will look like in both the coming weeks and in the next decade. We’ve had conversations with other poets, both page and stage, professors, publishers, playwrights, event promoters, executives, stand-up comics, directors, television producers and fans all over the globe about the issues surrounding performance poetry and so we’d like to invite you all to a new party.
We’d like to set the table and allow the inspired minds in the field to head new conversation about the issues facing modern performance poetry.

The Eternal Graffiti is a daily blog aimed at raising the visibility of spoken word and performance poetry worldwide. The site will operate in two distinct functions, the first being to spread the word. The spoken word, of course. Each weekday we will post a video of a performance artist performing a poem. Monday through Friday, fifty-two weeks a year we will post a video of a poem… except when we don’t. Sometimes we’ll post an interesting response from an interview we found by a famous writer, sometimes we’ll post a literary artist reading a selection of their own work, sometimes a monologue from a play, maybe a segment of a commencement speech. It won’t always be a poem but it will always be a moment, filled with opinion and purpose and identity.

Secondly, we will be hosting some of the thought leaders in and around spoken word to blog and lead conversations here on our site. Exploring the major themes that come up in conversation around performance poetry. The debates that surround the current state of competition, called ‘slam,’ our importance in the ever evolving world of social media, the lessons we’ve learned from the past generations of spoken word artists, the debate over artists who hope to publish and those that prefer the relationship with a live audience, the future we look toward and how to shape it, and more. Welcome to the party.


Michael Simms (Co-Founder) is a 2x National Poetry Slam Champion, Banker, Nomad, Amateur Photographer that takes terrible pictures, he lived in Sydney, Australia and talks about it way to much, he has horrible grammar, but is an overall great person. He is based in Atlanta, GA.


Carlos Robson (Co-Founder) is a 2x National Poetry Slam champion performance poet, playwright, teaching artist, wannabe singer, bad actor, Southern gentleman, and food connoisseur based in Charlotte, NC.