Jason Carney | TEDX Talk | “What America Needs Is An Honest Conversation”

Jason Carney is a legend in the slam community. Three appearances on HBO’s Def Poetry, multiple poetry slam Final Stages, years of touring the country as one of the first generation of poets teaching and performing in higher education, the list continues. Jason has in the last few years completed his Master’s degree in Creative Writing and has recently released his memoir “Starve the Vulture” with Akashic Books. In an effort to showcase spoken word artists that have matured into other mediums, (and to generally show off our friend) Eternal Graffiti will be bringing you Jason’s story directly from Jason over the next few months. We will also be hosting a reading of his new book while he’s here in Charlotte and will be releasing segments of the reading online. We’ll be kicking off the campaign (is this a campaign?) with this brilliant TedX Talk of Jason’s from a few months ago.

On a personal note, Jason and I have shared representation for the last few years and have become friends, I have had the pleasure of keeping up with him throughout his work achieving his master’s degree and his time spent on his new memoir. When he and I appeared at a show together last year, he told me about the release of “Starve The Vulture.” and the rollout process. Mike and I had already planned the launch of Eternal Graffiti and I instantly realized this was an outlet to promote the memoir.

In the celebrity world of film and music, when an album or movie is released, Tom Cruise or Erykah Badu or whoever are set up with press tours. They go on late night programs and daytime talk shows to raise interest in their projects. Celebrities are often coached on how to tell stories when they’re sitting next to Letterman or Ellen in an effort to be relatable. Their stories are often silly and stupid and don’t end up meaning much. The spoken word arena doesn’t have similar outlets to promote our own projects which is one of the reasons we created Eternal Graffiti. The benefit we have that those outlets don’t is that our medium is built around natural storytellers. So over the next few months, Jason will be guest blogging for us here, telling his story, his way all in an effort on our part to help him promote “Starve The Vulture.” We hope to continue this trend as artists in our space release projects that we are able to get behind. We’d like to thank Jason for agreeing to do this and would like to encourage all of you to support the artist. A link to “Starve The Vulture” is below.



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Carlos Robson

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