Asia Samson | Alive

Asia Samson | Alive

Asia Samson is a poet from S. Florida who currently lives in Pensacola, FL. His accomplishments are vast, literally vast. From Def Poetry to touring the entire US and beyond Asia is a powerhouse poet and a dynamic writer.

Aside from being one of the most booked poets ever in the college circuit, aside from being one of the rockstars of the southern region (So fried what up!) Asia is a really good friend and a genuine person. he is also a BRILLIANT graphic designer, as you can see here at his website.

I think one of the first times I met Asia was at Southern Fried in Tallahassee, we just checked into the host hotel, and went to the elevators fast forward 30 seconds, the elevator door breaks open and Asia is there in a full leather outfit shades spiked wrist bands, full tattoos and some combat boots (mind you this is in Tallahassee in the summer) The other people I was there with already knew Asia so they start in with the usual “hey man its been a long time” talk. Asia greets everyone and then walks up to me takes off his sunglasses and said hey man “I’m Asia”

I’m not going to flex, I thought he was the coolest poet ever, funny thing, he really is

Asia is of Filipino heritage and centers a lot of his work around Asian identity, love, family and struggle. He is a great story teller and knows how to masterfully expose the venerability of a subject in a earnest way. A way that feels natural and not forced.

A while back we had a post on EG about being a professional poet and the damage that not handling yourself professionally can do to the brand. Asia has always been one of the most constant poets in the game when it comes to putting out professionally packaged, professionally mixed and mastered poetry albums. Asia was one of the first poets I saw with my own eyes that put real thought and consideration in his brand. This is evident from his website all the way to the titles of his albums. Asia has created a lot of blueprints that other poets have, and should continue to use.

Asia recently had a kid, as someone else who  recently started a family this video really resonates with me. Its a gorgeous poem that creates an experience for anyone watching. It is also a model for fatherhood and masculinity, I could go on for hours about how dope and accomplished he is and I am looking forward to showcasing him on this site many more times to come

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