My Definitive Answer When Asked About Reverse Racism | Aamer Rahman

My Definitive Answer When Asked About Reverse Racism | Aamer Rahman

Good comedians have a way of saying things that you have thought in your head but can’t quite get out in phrase. From time to time we post comedians on Eternal Graffiti, because as fellow wordsmiths they have the ability to do with comedy what poets can do with poems, which is call out the hypocrisy of a situation in a way that is both entertaining and profound.

With the national conversation around #BlackLivesMatter there always seem to be trolls on every post talking about how their inability to say things like #WhiteGirlsRock or #WhiteGirlsRun is racist or ….drum-roll reverse racism. Which to me shows the absolute ignorance of the person typing those words. I am of the notion that it is a willful ignorance so I dont engage online. In person however, when I am talking to co-workers or non-POC (and some POC that ain’t woke)

It’s hard to find a succinct way to describe the actual systems of racism and white supremacy and how said systems have influenced literally every faction of how the entire planet operates. It is hard to explain in a couple minutes the root of why anti-blackness is pervasive in all societies, why fairer skinned Indians are regarded as superior in India and often times are better off financially. Why you can have a black country like Brazil but the public image of the whole country is pretty much women who look white. While when polled only 7.6% of the population actually identified with that image. The large majority of Brazilians are brown and black.

The next time one of my co-workers [read straight white males] screams the injustice and reverse racism of the fact that we have an Asian-American network, and a women’s network, an LGBTQ network, and an African American network and so on, but they could not have a Caucasian American network.

I’m just going to say, listen if you follow the steps in the below video, I would be more than happy to trade with you.