Kai Davis | Dear Chief Keef

Kai Davis | Dear Chief Keef

I have a love hate relationship with rap (as most of us do). The older I get the more I expect quality in music, most of the songs on the radio come signed sealed and delivered sans quality. I have literally turned on the radio and thought I was listening to a parody only to realize that it was just a new song by [insert new whack rapper]. If I am ever stuck in traffic I sometimes would rather listen to the sound of diesel engines than listen to the garbage on the radio

Because of this, one of my favorite genre of poems (I am about to create a new genre) is the “Diss A Whack Rapper” genre and Kai Davis does this masterfully. If there was a “you are the worst kind of worst awards” Chief Keef would win the peoples choice award every year.

Kai’s work has been featured at the San Francisco Opera House, The Kimmel Center, and various colleges and universities. Kai is The 2011 National Brave New Voices Grand Slam Poetry Champion and she is currently the second ranked Youth Speaks Individual Slam Poet in the nation. Right now Kai is focusing much of her energy on her college career at Temple University, performing within their poetry collective, Babel, and studying in the College of Liberal Arts as an English major. In her spare time she mentors and coaches youth poets in the city in preparation for their futures as writers and performers. Kai plans to pursue a career as an educator while cultivating her own career as a full time artist. 

I don’t know Kai personally and this poem that I am spotlighting was the first I heard. However this blog is taking me a while to write because I cant stop listening to some of her other poems!! I am certain we will be spotlighting her again on here sometime soon she has some really really great work, and I encourage you to check her out.

Find our more about Kai Davis on her Tumblr and follow this poet!