Scott Woods | What I know about chicken that you don’t

Scott Woods | What I know about chicken that you don’t

Last Saturday I attended a youth writing workshop, it was a great session run by Jay Ward, an incredible Charlotte-based poet and youth coach. One of the things he talked about was reading off paper in a slam, and how it can affect your scores if you don’t do it correctly. To fully illustrate what “correctly” looks like he pulled up a video of a poet who reads a poem off of paper and ABSOLUTELY nails it.

Jay told the youth poets that if you ever have to read off of paper that this was the gold standard.

Enter Scott Woods. Scott woods is an OG, he is a Spoken Word Sage, and a truly dope writer. Scott does not shy away from using his voice to break you down if you step out of line, which is one of the things I love about him. Scott has always been a humble and genuine dude in a room full of fake Rockstars.

Oh did I mention that in 2006 he was the first poet to ever complete a 24 hour solo poetry reading, then in 2007 he came back and beat his own record!

On top of everything else he does he was the President of Poetry Slam, Inc. for several years and is one of the handful of heartbeats in our generation that has been integral in steering our subculture forward, there are a lot of loud voices in our community who just talk but don’t put in the work.

Scott does the heavy lifting.

If you read Carlos’ post “A Letter to an Artist Friend” I am convinced when history looks back on this time period of Spoken Word poetry he will be one of the names etched in the stone.

This poem entitled “What I know about chicken that you don’t” is absolute comedic poetry gold…it is hilarious but still speaks to an underlying theme of privilege and race. I have watched it several times and still laugh just as hard each time.

One of the best things about this platform is the opportunity to engage all generations of our subculture, to introduce voices that everyone has not heard, and to connect fans of poetry to poets that they can really resonate with.

Check out the poem from Scoot Woods!! You can thank me later.


Find out more about Scott below:

Website: Scott Woods

Book: You can buy his book by following the link – We Over Here Now

Facebook: Here 

Venue: If you are ever in Columbus OH, check out Writers Block Poetry Night


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